100% Canadian sheeps wool and hand crafted soap
How To Use
Ewe Scrubs can be used dry or wet. They are gently exfoliant and will gently remove dirty dirt, paint and pitch.
Product Benefits / Properties

Fiddlehead Ewe Scrubs are handcrafted soaps nestled in soft hand felted Canadian sheep’s wool. No one Ewe Scrub will ever look the same. All soaps are tallow based soap that cures hard and when allowed to dry between uses, your Ewe Scrub can last for months.

How it works: Wet the Ewe Scrub and turn over in your hands until bubbles appear then use as you would a washcloth on your feet, legs, hands, and elbows. The gentle exfoliating properties of wool can remove pitch, paint, and even slug goo.

The wool shrinks as the soap are being used so in the end, you have a small scrub pad until the next one is done or it can be placed in the compost.